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About Debbie

Debbie Dragon: Freelance Writer, Content Marketer, and Editor

deb-w560h640She’s an experienced freelance writer, content marketer, and editor. Debbie entered the world of online marketing and writing in 2002.  In 2006, she co-founded Trifecta Online, LLC, with Tisha Tolar. Over the years, Debbie has created a writing and mentoring program, How to Make Money From Writing, where she has advised and instructed other online writing hopefuls pursuing their own business goals. Mother of two boys, Debbie started working for herself out of a need to stay home with her children in 2002. Today she has a solid online reputation as a writer and has been featured on a number of high profile websites including, USAToday, and She has also kept busy creating a number of other online businesses including and ghostwriting numerous books on behalf of high profile individuals.

Her writing career has brought her the opportunity to travel to many great places including Australia where she was a guest speaker at an Internet business workshop with Andrew and Daryl Grant.

Debbie is currently working on a book with Intuitive Medium Deborah Hanlon.

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Debbie Dragon
E: Debbie [at] Trifectallc dot com
P: 518-478-5542

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